Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Wet underfloor heating manifolds serve as the central component of water-based underfloor heating systems. These systems consist of a network of pipes that distribute hot water throughout the heating system, effectively warming up the room. These pipes can be laid out in various configurations, forming circuits, with each circuit typically serving a single room or zone. Each zone is connected to its own wet underfloor heating manifold.

The primary function of these manifolds is to circulate water from the boiler to the pipes, while also regulating pressure, flow rates, and temperature. Manifolds can manage multiple circuits within a zone and are responsible for controlling the heating of different rooms to different temperatures at various times, all of which can be conveniently adjusted using a thermostat. It's worth noting that each manifold can support up to 120 meters of pipes per circuit, making them suitable for large underfloor heating systems covering extensive floor spaces.

Temperature Control with a Manifold

A manifold is responsible for controlling the temperature within the system. The heat source supplies water to the manifold, producing water temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius. This warm water is then directed to the pipes through the mixing unit in the manifold. Not only does the manifold supply hot water to the pipes, but it also prevents water from the pipes from flowing back into the heat source. When the wet underfloor heating system is switched off, the water in the pipes gradually cools down. To maintain a comfortable temperature, the mixing unit in the manifold blends cold water with heat from the heat source. In cases where a thermostat isn't used, the installer will set the ideal temperature during installation. This temperature is calculated based on factors like heat loss, floor construction, heat outputs, and other variables to ensure that the heating system consistently provides the desired warmth.

Manifolds from UFH Parts & Design Ltd

At UFH Parts & Design Ltd, we offer a selection of wet underfloor heating manifolds suitable for any water-based underfloor heating system. Our range includes products from trusted brands such as Tio & Emmeti, with options available in 2-12 ports to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, ensuring that you can easily find replacement components for your underfloor heating manifold if the need arises.