Comisa Underfloor Heating Manifold Complete Manifold Kit

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Comisa Underfloor Heating Manifold I Complete Manifold Kit

Comisa distribution manifolds are made starting from an AISI 304 stainless steel bar.
The manifolds are assembled internally with automatic machineries and 100% tested complete
with accessories to guarantee the tightness.
The threads of main connections are made in compliance with ISO228.
The secondary circuits are connected through fittings with 3/4 “Eurocone thread assembled on
the manifold with o-ring seal and glued to avoid any unscrewing should the compression fitting be
disassembled. All the fittings and accessories of the manifolds are equipped with a soft seal o’ ring
sealing and do not require any intermediate sealing element.
The manifolds are produced with a nickel-plated finish and with side interaxes of 50 mm
Comisa manifolds are equipped with shut-off and balancing valves, with regulators and flow
meters and give the possibility of an immediate verification of the system balancing by reading the
flow rate. The flow meters also allow the adjustment and balancing of the individual outlets with
memory of position in the event of temporary closure for maintenance operations, the adjustment
can be blocked through a block cap. The glass and the measuring spring can be disassembled and
cleaned while the system is operating.
This manifold must be installed on the inlet circuit.
The protection cap, where required, is necessary to protect the threading and, occasionally, to
intercept the flow.

2 x Drain/Fill valves.

1 x Automatic air vent.

1 x 10 bar pressure gauge.

2 x Blanking Plugs.

1 x Pair of double offset brackets at 210mm centres (Manifolds are pre-assembled in the box). 

Technical Data

Max. temperature on primary circuit: 70 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 6 Bar

Maximum testing pressure: 10 Bar

Manifold size: 1"
Primary connections: 1"F
Manifold connections: M 3/4"

Manifold Data Sheet