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NovaTherm™ Underfloor Heating Manifold including Ball Valves

NovaTherm™ Underfloor Heating Manifold including Ball Valves


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NovaTherm™ Premium European Manufactured Manifold with 10 year Guarantee

Please Note : This pack also includes Fill Drain Valves including Auto Air Vents. Our manifolds are made in Belgium and a stainless steel premium product, giving you full peace of mind when installing.

  • Manual valve for each port
  • Adjustable flow meter allows easy balancing
  • Factory pre-assembled on fixing brackets
  • Triple seal on pipe connections to eliminate leakage

The NovaTherm™ manifold is designed specifically for heating systems, and suitable for radiator heating and radiant floor heating systems. The flow manifold is equipped with flow rate regulating valves (flow meters). They can accurately adjust the flow rate of each outlet. The flow meter valve is designed with a protective cover.

Once flow adjustment has been completed, ensure this is put back in place in order to prevent mis-operation. The return manifold is equipped with shut-off valves in order to cut off the flow to the individual circuits. They can also be fitted with a thermo-electric
actuator to realise automatic temperature control. The stroke of electrothermal actuator should be more than 3mm.

Medium Water, Glycol Solutions. Max
Percentage of Glycol is 30%
Working Temperature Range 5-100°C
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Flow Meter Scale 0-5L/min
Mains Connections G1"F (ISO 228-1)
Outlets G3/4"M (ISO 228-1)
Centre Distance 50mm
 Body Stainless Steel
Seals EPDM
Handle ABS
Springs Stainless Steel
Brackets Steel
Adaptors Brass