Working in conjunction with one of Europe’s most experienced and reputable manufacturers of heating technology, we have developed a unique heating element that is secured to the rear of a radiant panel which has been specifically designed to look like a typical skirting board profile.

These skirting panels are simply cut to size and installed using an insulating rear-mount fixing all around the room – why not ask about our factory cut and prepared option to speed installation?

  • ThermaSkirt is manufactured using a highly conductive aluminium alloy that radiates heat up to 5 times more effectively than steel.

    Radiant heat, emitted low down and all-around creates that wonderful warm environment often associated with underfloor heating, but being above ground, ThermaSkirt responds in minutes and works with any floor construction or covering. Connecting onto any typical central heating system, boiler or heat pump ThermaSkirt carries all necessary testing and safety certificates.

    At just 20mm (3/4”) in depth, our ThermaSkirt profiles look just like traditional skirting boards to provide you with an elegant finish to enhance your home.

    Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, ThermaSkirt is installed as an alternative skirting board. Available in lengths up to 6 metres, most walls can be installed in one, simple section. Unique and patented push fit connectors make for a quick and easy installation.As ThermaSkirt provides radiant heat, evenly distributed and from low level, you can run your heating system at lower operating temperatures and still comfortably heat your home. Typically 13% better than radiators on a gas boiler system, savings up to 25% can be achieved when connected to renewables such as heat pumps or solar.ThermaSkirt works just like your radiators, meaning that it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing smart home thermostats and controls.

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  • ThermaSkirt-e skirting is then connected to a standard 220/240V supply which can simply be turned on and off when required by the thermostat control. This allows you complete and precise control to reduce your energy consumption and keep costs to a minimum.

    Once the ThermaSkirt is switched on the face of the panel heats up and radiates heat into the room in the same way that underfloor heating does but as it’s all above ground response times are much quicker and the room heats up in minutes rather than hours.

    As ThermaSkirt-e provides far infrared radiant heat, evenly distributed and from low level, you can save running costs compared to wall hung panel radiators or storage heaters.

    ThermaSkirt-e has a unique power modulating control PCB that provides 50% of the normal full power on start up. This can help to reduce running costs when the room is hovering around the target temperature, as full power is only used when the room needs a significant boost in energy input.

    Unlike traditional panel heaters, ThermaSkirt-e has a unique heating element that does not overheat – even when covered over. This eliminates the need for a thermal fuse which can cause maintenance or repair issues, and more importantly, completely eliminates the risk of fire should combustible materials such as paper, clothes or bedding be placed over the heating.

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  • True Radiant Heat

    Minimal air movement and drafts create real comfort

  • Energy efficient

    Even, all-around heat uses less energy yet provides real warmth

  • Fast and responsive

    No under heating or over heating

  • Simple installation

    Installed with minimal disturbance or modification to your home

  • Works with any floor finish

    Carpet, laminate, timber or vinyl with equal performance

  • Free up wall space

    Create a more spacious and versatile environment

  • Works with any boiler / heat pump

    H20 version can connect to any source of warm water

  • Hygienic, Healthcare Heating

    Versions available suitable for use in the NHS and Assisted Living.

The smart  alternative to panel radiators, storage heaters and underfloor heating.