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Emmeti T1 Mixer Co-Planner Manifold

Emmeti T1 Mixer Co-Planner Manifold


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A single piece design, with flow and return connections cross linked through the opposite rail, without mixing the water. They have a smaller “footprint” then conventional manifolds, in depth and width and can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Commonly used between studs in partition walls.

Radiator pipes can be connected to the manifold in matching pairs for simplicity and time-saving during installation. Primary pipes can be connected from opposing or same ends to suit on site pipework.

Also available are ball valves, fittings and Monoblocco pipe connectors to accommodate a wide range of pipe types and sizes.

 Manifold Type Type 1
Construction Nickel-Plated Steel
Allows zone air temp control No
Inlet Connection 3/4"
Outlet Connection 24 x 19*
Outlet Centres 36mm
Ways 2x2 to 10x10
Individual circuit Isolation No, distribution only
Maximum operating Pressure 10 bar
Maximum operating Temperature 110°C

.Monoblocco connectors are available to suit pipe sizes 10-20mm and pipe types (PB, PE-Xa, PE-RT, MLCP, & copper. Possible to connect up to 26mm pipe by using correct sized Monoblocco and 32x1.5 connector.