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Emmeti Zona Smart Thermostat - Black

Emmeti Zona Smart Thermostat - Black


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TEmmeti Zona Smart Thermostat

Emmeti ZONA is a 230V wired thermostat with WI-FI functionality for use in all heating system types. Controlled via the ZONA APP or via the thermostat interface, the Emmeti ZONA smart thermostat allows remote control and monitoring of the heating system. Featuring GEO-location and optimum start for increased efficiency of the heating system the ZONA range is fully Boiler Plus compliant and smart home enabled integrating simply with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Emmeti ZONA Benefits

  • Built-In WiFi Module
  • Boiler Plus Compliant
  • Optimum Start
  • Smart Device Control
  • GEO-Location

Maximum switching load is 5 amps.