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3 Layer PE-RT UFH Pipe 16×2 mm

3 Layer PE-RT UFH Pipe 16×2 mm


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PE-RT pipe is made of a specially modified polyethylene – PERT type II, with a unique molecular structure and composition which
ensures very good thermal stability, high degree of mechanical strength up to temperatures of 90ºC and a good long term hydrostatic
strength behaviour.

The oxygen barrier is achieved by an ethylene vinyl alcohol – EVOH layer, that prevents oxygen penetration in the system which reduces
corrosion within the system, preventing premature failing of system compounds. The EVOH layer provides excellent functional barrier
against organic solvents, an excellent and exceptional elasticity, protecting product integrity

Application Fields:

  •  Underfloor heating and cooling;
  • Wall heating and cooling;
  • Ceiling heating and cooling;
  • Heating systems in general;
  • Sanitary system