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Tio mixing set with Tio high efficiency Pump T6-130-L

Tio mixing set with Tio high efficiency Pump T6-130-L


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Product Features

The mixing valve on the TIOMIX0008 is adjustable between 20° – 60°C which complies with the requirement of BS 1264-4 2009 for initial warm up temperatures of between 20° – 25°C and a locking pin to set maximum blend temperature. The TIOMIX0008 has an additional probe pocket for an optional over temperature device to be installed. A throttle to increase the Kv of the mixing valve for larger systems. A built in non-return valve above the circulation pump to prevent back filling during the system fill and also reduces water loss if the circulation pump needs to be removed for maintenance.

Features and Benefits

Pre-assembled pump and blending unit reduces installation time and allows for easy control of the underfloor heating system. Inclusive temperature control ensures that the water temperatures entering the floor do not exceed design temperatures. Built in thermostatic actuator with temperature range between 20°- 60°C for system design across all floor constructions. Integrated flow rate control valve for increased regulation of the flow rate and temperature of the underfloor heating system. Standard 210mm manifold spacing and 1” BSP connections

Thermostatic Mixer Control Group with Tio high efficiency Pump T6-130-LThe TIOMIX0008 is designed for Underfloor Heating. The control group incorporates a Tio high efficiency Pump T6-130-L and a mixing valve with remote probe actuation to give a temperature range of between 20 – 60oC, making it suitable for screed drying purposes. It includes a throttle to increase Kv for larger systems. Includes 1” M manifold connections with O-ring seals and 1”M connections for primary flow and return. Includes a temperature gauge measuring the mixed flow temperature, manual air vent and bracket to support the weight of the pump

g bracket to stabilise the extra weight of the pump.

This control set comes pre-assembled allowing the installer to simply remove it from the box and attach to the manifold with minimal fuss. No on-site assembly is required as with many other control sets.

TIOMIX0008 Data Sheet