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ESI Twin Channel Programmer ES2247B

ESI Twin Channel Programmer ES2247B


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The ES2247B is a twin channel programmer for central heating and hot water. Simple installation and reliability giving you complete control of your heating and hot water when best suits you and helping manage and lower costs.

  • 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day operation
  • 2 or 3 on/offs per day
  • Automatic BST/GMT time change
  • Factory set clock & date
  • Simple overrides
  • Fits industry standard backplate
  • Easy to use & quick installation
  • 3 year warranty

The ESi range of programmers are designed with simplicity for the user in mind whilst offering flexibility and reliability. The ES2247B is a twin channel two zone programmer suitable to control your central heating and hot water independently of each other. An easy to use slider allows you to choose your setting, whilst simple touch buttons allow you to choose your flexible settings including time periods and days. It can operate over a 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day schedule with the choice of 3 separate on/off time periods per day. This functionality allows you to have full control for both your own comfort whilst operating in its most energy efficient and cost effective way.