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20mm High Density EPS400 Overlay Panel - Straight Element with Double Torsion End

20mm High Density EPS400 Overlay Panel - Straight Element with Double Torsion End


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Our rapid response underfloor heating EPS400 overlay boards are lightweight, super strong, easy to fit and designed to be laid over any existing or new floor. The aluminium covering will give optimum system performance and is perfect for both commercial & residential use.

Suitable for use under laminate, engineered wood, carpet, vinyl and tiles, the EPS overlay floor panel offers an easy way to install water underfloor heating over an existing floor.

The panels are laid directly onto the existing concrete, floorboards or solid flooring and are a perfect choice for retrofit installations. With a minimal height increase of just 20mm and a high compressive strength of 400KPA they are lightweight, simple to fit and can be installed with only basic tools.

Each panel measures 1200x600x200mm and takes a 15 or 16mm pipe at 150mm pipe spacings. They are pre-formed with straight runs, return loops and cross runs at one end, and covered with a layer of aluminium.

The aluminium spreads the heat quickly & evenly across the surface to maximise the output and efficiency of the system. The panels can be laid onto any existing, level flooring.

EPS panels are made from high compressive strength Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS). 

The straight element is used to run the pipes straight ahead and to meander with them on the walls of the building.

Technical Data

  • Declared thermal conductivity λ (W/mK): 0.0314 (20mm) / 0.0316 (25 mm) / 0.0318 (30,50 mm)
  • Declared thermal resistance R (m²K)/W): 0.65 (20mm) / 0.80 (25 mm) / 0.95 (30 mm) / 1.57 (50 mm)
  • Fire class according to EN 13501-1: E
  • Standard compressive strength (kPa): ≥ 400