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Heatmiser DS1 V2

Heatmiser DS1 V2


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The Heatmiser DS1 V2 is our central heating thermostat, ideal for conventional or combi-boiler systems. This thermostat is used in conjunction with a separate programmer.

The following features of the DS1 V2 central heating thermostat are available;  
  • Power On & Heat On Indication
  • Remote Air Sensor Function: Probe Optional
  • Modern Appearance
  • Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
  • Variable Switching Differential
  • Range: 05-35°C
  • Supply: 230v
  • Outputs: Volt free 3A Max
  • Dimensions:  92mm x  92mm x 26mm (Height, Width, Depth)
ErP Class & Ratings
Individual Product       Multi Room Control with Individual Boiler Interlock
I  (1%)                                       Class VIII   (5%)