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Heatmiser HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2

Heatmiser HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2

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HomeKit-Enabled neoHub (2nd generation)

Heatmiser neoHub is the gateway to the Neo System, providing remote control of all neoStat's and neoPlug's from your iOS or Android device.

The Heatmiser neoHub connects to your home broadband router and wirelessly to the neoStats in your home. No special computer knowledge is required, simply plug into your router, create a FREE account via the Neo app and then take control of your heating, hot water and appliances from anywhere.

Key Features

  • neoHub creates a Mesh Network to the powered Neo devices, greatly increasing the network range in your home.
  • Smart Profiles - Allow you to program time and temperature settings and then apply them to a number of zones. Any subsequent change to the profile will be automatically applied to those zones using the profile.
  • Geo Location: Automatically turn the heating off when you leave home and back on when you return.
  • Compatible with up-to 32 Neo devices.
  • Works with HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT.
  • Automatic Firmware updates for neoHub and connected devices.
  • Clock Sync and BST correction - UK/CET and NZ Time Zones.

Enhanced History


Enhanced History shows detailed information for your system for last 4 weeks.

  1. The set temperature, indicated by the dotted line.
  2. When the heating is preheating (warming your home ready for the start of your heating program) Shown in green.
  3. When the heating is on, shown in red.
  4. You can select a particular day by using the calendar button or you can press the -1 day +1 day to quickly jump back a few days. 
  5. Hours Run (the time the heating has been switched on) is shown for each day per zone.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are short messages that are sent directly to your phone based on a condition in your neoApp, such as high or low temperature, door open or low battery warning.

High/Low temperature Alert: When the temperature in your home reaches your high or low temperature limit you will receive a push notification on your device. This will inform you of the location and device that triggered the alert.

Window Open: If you have installed any Heatmiser Door/Window contact switches, you can select to receive a push notification whenever a door/window is opened. The push notification will re-trigger whenever the window or door is reopened. The notification will inform you of the location and device that triggered the alert.

Low Battery: If you have any neoAir, wireless sensors or window/door contact switches installed, you can select to receive a push notification whenever the device requires new batteries. The push notification will be sent every 48 hours until the low battery warning is cleared. This will inform you of the location and device that triggered the alert.


  • Mobile apps: iOS 13+ iPhone/iPad | Android 8+ device
  • Smart Home: HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT
Included Accessories
  • UK/EU Power Adaptor
  • 1m Ethernet Cable