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Ellsi 3 in 1 Boiling Hot Water Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Ellsi 3 in 1 Boiling Hot Water Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap


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Ellsi 3 in 1 Boiling Hot Water Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

The Ellsi 3 in 1 Boiling Hot Water Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap features a high quality Matt Black finish and dispenses both standard hot & cold water as well as filtered boiling hot water. Good design often means as little design as possible - paring down to only the essential elements required to achieve the desired effect. The principle of ‘simplicity by design’ is that a good design solution is the most simple solution to the design problem. Ellsi products deliver great results and looks great by simply adhering to this principle. The Instant Boiler Tap is functional, easy to use, fit and maintain. It comes complete with an easy to replace carbon filter. The filter comes complete with fixtures and fittings and when ready for replacing it takes seconds: just a quick twist, pull & replace.

✔ Provides hot, cold and boiling water in one tap
✔ Includes Tap, boiler unit and filter
✔ Hot & cold mixer lever handle for regular mains supplied water
✔ Precision engineered brass construction to the highest standard with individual human hand testing.
✔ In-built hydro-aerator for hot & cold mains supplied water.
✔ Child-safe, double spring loaded; redundancy based boiling water safety handle.
✔ Cool-to-touch self-insulating technology integrated into each 360 degrees swivel spout.
✔ High Quality Matt Black Finish

State of the art boiling water tank technology
The secret to the success of the system is in the unassuming innovative boiler tank unit which discreetly slips away under your sink unit to do all the hard work. The compact stainless-steel tank is not under mains pressure, so the system is unvented and therefore no excess water is discharged to drain. The inner tank has several electrical safety features. A temperature sensor to give an accurate digital external reading of the current water temperature. A float sensor detecting the water level in the tank, this avoids dry start that would damage the boiler. An overheat stat to ensure the unit never overcooks.

Tank Features:

• The inner tank is fully insulated and energy efficient helping to maintain the tank temperature.
• Brushed stainless steel surround complimented with a smoked glass top that incorporates digital touch control and functional colour display.
• The appliance is supplied with a carbon rod filter designed for absorption and removal of calcium, magnesium, odour, dirt and particles, etc.
• Compact in design to fit discreetly into your base unit (Overall height 330mm, Width 230mm, Depth 210mm).
• Temperature adjustable from 75 - 98°C


• Tank capacity: 2.4 Ltrs
• Rated Input: 1.5kw
• Rated Voltage: 220-240V ac, 50HZ
• Standby Power: 2.2w
• IPX Classification: IPX4
• Static Bar Pressure: 1Bar
• Dynamic Bar Pressure: 1.5 to 5Bar
• Optimum working pressure: 1Bar Minimum to 3Bar Maximum
• Plug Type: Fused 13A 3 Pin Plug
• Power Cord Length (mm): 910
• Function type: Touch screen digital interactive control
• Temperature Control: 75°C to 98°C
• Guarantee: 2 years
• Height (mm): 330
• Width (mm): 230
• Length/Depth (mm): 210