500M PE-RT 5 Layer EVOH Red UFH Pipe

500M PE-RT 5 Layer EVOH Red UFH Pipe

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100m Coil PE-RT/EVOH/PE-RT Underfloor Heating Pipe.

The quality PERT pipe from iDRO is constructed from Polyethylene of a raised temperature (PE-RT) inner layer and a EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol Resin) outer layer. Oxygen penetration in a heating system leads to corrosion of metallic parts and premature failure of system components. The EVOH layer in iDRO PE-RT prevents oxygen permeation through the tubing.
The pipe has been manufactured specifically for Underfloor Heating and WHR applications

Advantages of PE-RT Pipe

• Resistance over time to temperature and pressure
• Maximum operating temperature 95°C at 8 bar
• Easy to bend and secure into place for use in Underfloor Heating (UFH) and Wall Hung Radiator (WHR) Systems (within the above max operating temperature)
• Corrosion resistance
• Lightweight, flexible and easy to install.