Renovation Projects using retrofit systems. Adding value and luxury to your home. - UFH Parts & Design Ltd

Renovation Projects using retrofit systems. Adding value and luxury to your home.

Retrofit Systems

Retrofit systems for underfloor heating offer a convenient and efficient way to bring the benefits of radiant floor heating to existing homes or buildings. These systems are designed to be installed on top of existing floors without the need for extensive renovations or floor replacement.

Retrofit underfloor heating systems typically consist of thin, low-profile heating mats or cables that are installed directly on the existing floor. These mats or cables are connected to a thermostat and a power source, allowing precise control over the heating output and temperature.

One popular type of retrofit system is electric underfloor heating, which uses electrically conductive mats or cables to generate heat. These systems are relatively easy to install and can be used in various rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas.

Another option is water-based retrofit systems, which utilize a network of flexible pipes that circulate hot water beneath the floor surface. These systems may require more extensive installation work, including connecting to an existing boiler or water heating system.

Retrofit underfloor heating systems offer several advantages. They provide a comfortable and consistent heating experience, as the heat radiates evenly from the floor, eliminating cold spots and drafts. Additionally, underfloor heating can be more energy-efficient compared to traditional heating methods, as it allows for lower operating temperatures while maintaining a comfortable environment.

It's important to note that retrofitting underfloor heating may have limitations based on the structural conditions of the building and the type of flooring in place. Consulting with a professional installer or heating specialist is recommended to determine the feasibility and appropriate system for your specific needs.

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